Remembering the Terror of 9/11

I still remember the 9/11 terror attacks. I wasn’t much more than a teenager back then, but I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. How…

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Ben Sasse - Deal With It

The Five Best Ben Sasse Moments

During this week Republican and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse might have become one of my favorite people in office. He might not be good for when President Trump calls him…

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Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad

Nike – Just Boycott It!

Nike might want to hire someone with a bit common sense because whoever is in the marketing department has screwed up royally. There’s no need to rehash this because by…

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US Capitol Police Escort Protester Our of Kavanaugh Protester

Time to Kick Spectators Out of Our Senate

I read a good article today by Ashraf Khalil from The Kansas City Star called “Shout, Arrest, Repeat: Inside the Kavanaugh hearing protests” and I found it to be quite…

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The Top Moments of Day 1 of the Kavanaugh Hearing

Admittedly, the first day of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing was a complete joke. Republicans have enough support to vote Kavanaugh in already and support him and Democrats hate him unconditionally. Their…

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh - SCOTUS Hearing 9/4/2018

Dems Turn SCOTUS Hearing into a Circus Act

Was today bring your clown to work day at the Senate? The nation wonders… I watched with anticipation this morning as Judge Brett Kavanaugh walked into the Senate only to…

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Joan Greene, Arizona, and…Immaturity?

Bit of a late night posting for tonight but I thought I’d share an interesting story that played out on Twitter of all places tonight between Arizona Congressional Candidate Joan…

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John McCain Funeral

John McCain and the Political Funeral?

An extensive write up of an extensive funeral that became a political spectacle event. I wrote an article last night on The Politics Forums titled “The Political Funeral” where I…

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The Not So Special Election in Ohio

The Ohio Special Primary is waging, and all eyes are on it. With the race expected to be close the show down between Republican Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor…

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Democrats: The Party of Law Un-enforcement

As we enter July we should take the time to remember the values and foundation that this nation was laid upon. We should consider what the Founding Fathers intended and…

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